How do we determine admissions?


At Accel.AI we carefully review each application in order to identify candidates who will not only deeply benefit from attending the AI Career Accelerator Fellowship Program, but also bring their unique experience and perspective to share with their peers. We encourage you to be thoughtful in your responses on this application so that we may better understand your reasons for applying and your vision for how you will use these skills to solve real world problems and create a positive impact in your community with Artificial Intelligence.

Our admissions process is set up to ensure our fellows will be successful in their transition to a career in Artificial Intelligence.


Successful Completion of our application process

The following outlines the successful completion of our application process to be considered for admission to the Accel.AI Career Accelerator Fellowship program:

  1.  Completion of our online application (below).
  2.  Submission of a "Personal Assessment" Video (requirements outlined below).
  3.  Successful completion of the "Suggested Prerequisites" (outlined below).
  4.  Onsite visit and collaborative cross applicant interview with a senior member of our team.


Personal assesment video

Personal assessment video must include the following:

  1.  Full Name
  2.  Explain why it is important that Artificial Intelligence is engineered by a diverse group of people.
  3.  Share a personal or professional experience where you used grit and passion to overcome a challenge which seemed insurmountable.


suggested prerequisites

We have identified core areas for success in this program including grit, determination, high self discipline, and desire to create change. We do not require prior engineering experience or a specific level of education to attend, but to be successful in this program, you should be able to complete the following suggested entry level prerequisite tutorials. 

CS Engineering Tutorials

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AI Engineering Immersive Fellowship Application


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