Diversifying Artificial Intelligence Fund

In an effort to lower the barriers to entry for underrepresented groups in Artificial Intelligence, we have created a Scholarship Fund. Recipients of this scholarship will receive free entry for workshops, and if they are traveling from abroad, travel and hotel accommodations will be provided for them.


The following outlines the successful completion of our scholarship application process to be considered for free entry to a Demystifying AI event:

  1.  Completion of our online application.
  2.  Submission of an "Impactful AI" Video, answering the following questions:
    •  Full Name
    • What interests you about the field of Artificial Intelligence?
    • Why is it important to you that Artificial Intelligence is engineered by a diverse group of people?

Applications are reviewed weekly and recipients will be notified no later than one week prior to a scheduled event. Scholarships are applied on a rolling basis, if you are not chosen right away your application may be considered for a future event.