Artificial Intelligence



Artificial Intelligence


Shaping the Next Generation of AI Engineers & Enthusiasts


Milestone projects

Project-based approach that integrates the latest tools for gaining insights from data, and effectively communicating those findings.

Cognitive Apprenticeship

Receive guidance from world class experts in AI, Data, and Engineering


Career launch portfolio

You won't just build a portfolio, you'll gain insight to the latest trends on resumes, LinkedIn, and Interview techniques


hands on collaboration

Work in teams to solve real world problems and build interpersonal skills with opportunities for leadership.

Global network

Access to our network and community of AI enthusiasts with mentoring, workshops, and events around the world.

Holistic environment

Onsite meditation, yoga, and mindset coaching to ensure your success.


Career Roadmap

Career Roadmap

Project Milestones

we have identified core technical Competencies you'll need to achieve a successful career in artificial intelligence 

python & cs fundamentals

Familiarize yourself with the building blocks of AI engineering including the most popular  programming languages, software packages, & APIs.

machine learning

Dive deep in data analytics, predictive modeling, visualizations, natural language processing & computer vision.

big data & 


deep Learning

Work with large data sets, and gain intuition for scaling AI technologies as well as the benefits and limitations of Deep Learning techniques.

creative & 

open source 



Challenge yourself to design AI projects that solve real world problems. Contribute to open source platforms in an agile, iterative, team environment. 

Take on consulting and freelance work with real clients.

interview & career coaching

Become a PRO at white boarding, portfolio building, Linkedin, resumes, and in person networking. 

mentorship & internship opportunities

Throughout the program, you are empowered to be a mentor and share your skills with fellows who are still in the development process.

We have partnered with Startups, Accelerators, Nonprofits, and Large Tech companies so you can gain real world experience in the field as an AI Engineer after completing the program milestones.


Learning Resources

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